Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vote No on the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement!

Dear Klamath Tribal members who think of themselves as Modoc. I know many are mixed but in your heart believe you are Modoc. Those are the ones I'm speaking to. There is this new wrapped package called the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement. You will be asked to vote on it very soon it will be to accept it or reject it. I ask you to vote to reject it. You will be told it's a great thing that honors the treaty our Ancestors signed, that you will be getting 90,000 acres of Klamath homeland back, on and on. However, it also states that the original KBRA & KHSA deal will be upheld. This is what the deal really is, if you are Modoc you will be voting away all the Modoc's tribe Hunting, Fishing and Gathering Rights forever, you will essentially be selling your Ancestor's Homeland away forever! I ask you to look at this picture of Captain Jack and think how would he vote, the answer should be clear. If you don't understand what you are selling off and giving up then look at the Modoc Nations New website at and look at the questions posed about the KBRA & KHSA. This is where we as Modoc's must join together and take a stand. The Klamath Tribe gets everything and is protecting all the Klamath's homeland and water rights but sells off all the Modoc's. There are meetings coming up and I urge you to attend and ask those very questions that are posted on our site. I know you will not get the questions answered to the satisfaction of our people, we the Modoc's. Here are the locations Portland March 18, 6-8 pm Double Tree Inn, Lloyd Center. Eugene: March 19th 6-8 pm University of Oregon Longhouse. Klamath Falls: March 20th 6-8 pm Klamath tribe health and family services. Chiloquin: March 21st 6-8pm, Klamath tribal administration. This is a huge and outright attack on our tribe. This breaks the Klamath tribe's own constitution to preserve and protect the Modoc's homeland and waters. If you vote and this still passes I ask you to join The Modoc Nation and leave the Klamath Tribe, they are no longer looking out or doing anything to protect the Modoc people. In my opinion, this is an act of war. Be Well Dear Brother's and Sister's.

Friday, February 7, 2014

California official advises against listing gray wolf

California official advises against listing gray wolf
 Apparently we can't trust the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to protect any of our sacred